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Tratament Naturist Psoriazis
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Sanatate din Natura
It all started at the age of 20 years following a throat infection treated with strong antibiotics. One week began to appear a few red dots on my legs then began to increase in increasingly much.Of course I have not given too much importance in the beginning so turned in some big spots scaly.Only when I saw that never stop growing I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with psoriasis. This happens in 1992.I started to follow various treatments recommended by doctors for 10 years, a lot of corticosteroids creams, shampoos, soaps and other preparations in pharmacies all to no result, disease manifesting increasingly more aggressive, reaching for my psoriasis infect up to a last stage to go to the hospital. At that time tired me that different doctors to do experiments on me,I take fate in my hands and began to experience various treatments I have read on the internet and some invented by me. Eight years I've read and experienced various creams, pills, herbal teas until at some point I lost hope that I find treatment for my condition, I was able to see how a final combination of cream and shower gel designed by me and herbal pills I have seen the results you expect 18 years. SUCCESS! That brought me hope that this disease can be kept under control and who knows, it can heal. In the lines below we say regime for this disease and tips to be followed every day: -No hot showers and no long showers -Shower only with shower gel does not change the skin pH -After every shower, MUST skin rubbed with cream -Beware of cuts or wounds that psoriasis can occur in that place -Do not use the solarium • Do not stay too long in the sun to make sunburn -Give up meat, fried foods, chopped meat, plant-based foods, Knor, Vegeta and other flavor enhancer like sodium monoglutamat -Give the food spicy, hot, sour stomach discomfort what so-heartburn, bloating, gas, etc. -Free milk and other milk products. All the above foods can be introduced after six months, once a week, and gradually able to see that irritate the body and thus recur psoriasis. Need for great care had to infections of all kinds especially for the neck infection do not require antibiotics. Interested my treatment natural disease which attacks inside and outside the pills, a cream and shower gel all invented and tested me with tips and rules above will see results in the first month. Results can be seen after two weeks if follows all instructions that will be received the shipment. Treatment must be kept for 2 months. Cost of treatment for one month: -Cream 200 ml -20 euro -Shower gel 400 ml -20 euro -natural pills -50 euro Plus addition shipping costs For more details: mail / messenger: tratament.psoriazis @